Dwelling Fire Insurance

Designed to protect the physical structure of a property, typically excluding personal belongings, offering coverage against specific perils like fire, vandalism, and other named hazards.

What is Dwelling Fire Insurance?

Dwelling fire insurance is a specialized form of property insurance tailored for property owners who do not reside in the insured dwelling. This type of insurance primarily covers the physical structure of the property against specific perils, such as fire, lightning, vandalism, and, in some cases, wind or hail damage.

Unlike comprehensive homeowners insurance, dwelling fire policies do not typically include coverage for personal belongings or liability protection. This makes dwelling fire insurance a suitable choice for landlords, property investors, or owners of unoccupied or rental properties who want to protect the structural integrity of their investment without the need for broader homeowner’s coverage.

Why You Need Dwelling Fire Insurance

Dwelling fire insurance is important because it protects you financially in the event of a fire in your home. Fires can happen to anyone, and even a small fire can cause significant damage. Dwelling fire insurance can help you pay for repairs or replacement of your home and belongings, as well as living expenses while your home is being repaired or rebuilt.

Here are some specific reasons on why you need dwelling fire insurance:

  • To protect your investment
  • To cover the cost of repairs or replacement
  • To pay for living expenses while your home is being repaired or rebuilt
  • To protect your belongings

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